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Professional Dog and Cat Pet Sitting in Kirkwood and Webster MO
  • Overnight stays (24 hours) with plenty of playing, petting and brushing
  • ​Fun and loving companionship
  • ​Fresh food and water served
  • ​Administration of medications and shots
  • ​Litter box scooped and surrounding area cleaned
  • ​Daily energetic, brisk walks for dogs (1 per day included)
  • ​Daryn's Daily Journal included that provides a snapshot of the day's activities 

Professional Pet Sitting Services

Dog walkers in Kirkwood Missouri

-For pet sitting, Daryn's Daily Journal provides you with a comprehensive snapshot of each day's activities

Properly caring for animals involves much more than just providing food, water and shelter. Rather, it takes unwavering dedication, unbridled enthusiasm--and most of all, unabashed love and affection, so that our loyal companions know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they can trust we have their best intentions at heart. This is why I put your companion first when providing professional dog walking and pet sitting services.

I revel in my good fortune to be able to provide oodles and oodles of love, affection and of course, undivided attention for all of the animals I nanny. Whether dog walking or pet sitting, your precious loved one is my only concern and my sole focus every minute we are together. 

Professional Dog Walking Services

-For dog walking, visit notifications via text messaging

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting in St. Louis MO

Courteous, dependable and compassionate pet sitting that takes place in your home, in order to maintain your companion's comfort zone while you are away. Pet sitting includes:

  • Newspapers, packages, flyers and mail brought inside daily
  • ​Take garbage and recycle bins to and from the curb
  • ​Alternate lights and blinds

I have extensive experience with animals of all kinds, and I am very proficient in serving companions with special medical needs. I strive to provide nothing less than a nurturing, loving and protective environment in your absence. This includes:

Pet sitting services I provide my human clients specifically include:

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Please visit the pricing page to determine which dog walking package best suits your needs! 

Summer Dog Waking Schedule (90 degrees or hotter out):

  • Brisk, energetic walks that stimulate cardiovascular
  • activity and promote wellness, while remaining personalized for age, fitness level, as well as pre-existing medical conditions
  • ​Feeding and fresh, cool water served​​
  • Playtime, petting, brushing and companionship
  • ​A text message note for each visit

Daryn's Pet Care

A very comfy dog sleeping on his bed

Please visit the pricing page to see my incredibly cost effective pet sitting pricing! 

Dog walking services can either take place in one 35 minute session, or two 35 minute sessions per day, and include: 

  • I provide thick sole booties to protect your pooch's feet
  • A 15-20 minute walk and 15-30 minutes of inside TLC play, cool water and brusing